#1 -Welcoming #nodates2019

Can’t cry about having a lot on my plate when my goal was to eat.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions – in fact, they’re contrary to what I believe in: If you want to bring change to your life, you can (and should) chose to start any day. My year of not going on dates that led to the creation of this blog technically started on Nov 11 2018, so it’s not a New Year’s resolution.

In this last month, I spent some time thinking of things that I’d like to accomplish while not having a love life, and this is the bucket list I came up with:

  • Get in shape, work out more and run a marathon
  • Practice the guitar so I can play a classical repertoire of around 1 hour
  • Get a job that I like and be good at it
  • Make new friends and stay in touch with people I care about
  • Start a business (at least one!)
  • Conquer anxiety and depression and help others to do the same

It might seem that this is a lot on my plate for only one year. I think a year is long though and a lot can and will happen – and I’m very grateful to be able to set all these goals for myself.

What are your resolutions for the next year?


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