Thanks for joining me! This blog is for anyone who wants to spend some time getting to know themselves better, to grow as a person and to live life more fully.

After two devastating breakups in the course of only one year, I realized that I’d like to spend some time with myself for a change, which is why I committed to having to dates (no casual hookups, either!) for one year. I’m a cis woman in my thirties, meaning my biological clock should be ticking, but right now I feel that I want to have the time I need for myself in order to heal and to figure out who I am outside of a relationship.

I hope to inspire anyone who feels the same with my journey. And even if you don’t – If you’re desperately looking to find a significant other, if finding love feels like something you desperately want to happen, but it just doesn’t – I invite you to join me for a while!  Let’s take care of ourselves, and the rest will follow.